Thought Stream offer the widest range of services in the industry, spanning from editorial to book video creation. Our in house team of specialists has the experience and expertise to match and develop customized services to match every author’s needs.

Audio Interview

Reach your readers in a more cherished and deeper way with Thought Stream’s Author Audio Interview. Through this devoted interactive audio, you get to communicate your thoughts and views and share your version of story in your own way.

Audio Website

Thought Stream believes that website is essential for every author as there would be people like readers, editors, agents including literary agents be interested in going to your website to learn more about you or offer an opportunity. This is why we design website exclusively for author and their books.

Book Reviews

With Thought Stream’s Indian Authors Association Book Review service, you get access to a review by one of the most trusted association in the dedicated to Professional, Affordable, Guaranteed on Time, Impartial & Straight Forward Reviews

Book Video Trailer

Thought Stream’s book trailer production service will provide you with a book trailer that will grab the attention of your audience and will put your book on spotlight and possibly generate additional sales.

Design Services

Thought Stream knows you’ve worked really hard to make your book’s content the best, now give the level of attention to your book’s appearance. Our design experts will work with you to create the most attractive exterior and interior of your book.

Editorial Services

Thought Stream professional editorial services are designed for authors who strive to make manuscript accurate and grammatically correct so that their book readers can enjoy reading

Press Release

Thought Stream’s press release write-up and distribution service is designed to submit your press release to outlets both in India and around the world. This service is perfect way to help you reach your target readers.