Here at Thought Stream, we understand that author royalties are extremely important and with our detail explanation of royalty calculation, we truly believe that our rates are the best around.

Determining Your Royalties and Profits

Every time your book is sold, you get royalty. Unlike other publishers, these royalties are calculated monthly and paid quarterly. When you want to purchase copies of your own book, we sell it to you at production cost with no additional cost.

Author will receive 100 percent of the profit received from the sales of their book, less production cost,  any distribution and technology fees, taxes and returns. Royalties will not be paid on copies provided free of charge during various promotion activities etc or sold to the author already at production cost.

How much do you earn on per sale?

You will receive 100% Royalty on every book sale. And this how Royalty is calculated;

Retail Price (Determined by you) – Sales Channel Fees – Printing Cost = Your Royalty