Manuscript format for Novel


An editor or publishing house will be expecting your novel to be written in a manuscript format. There are a number of guidelines one needs to follow for a manuscript format for novels. One thing is for sure – you need to do away with any fancy colors or fonts, and there is no room for graphics. the agent or editor will want a clear format that is the general rule for any writer. Some publishers might stipulate certain formatting requirements on their websites. So before starting make sure to check this first so as to make sure there are no specs established.

If there is no specific format mentioned, here are some rules that will enable you to be on the safe side. These guidelines are essentially going to help you create an acceptable format for novel manuscripts. A good font is Times New Roman, and the font color should be black. The best font size is recommended as 12.

Margins should be one inch on all four sides. Paragraph indentations are also of importance. A half-inch indentation for the first line of every paragraph is recommended. This rule also applies for the first paragraph in a new chapter.

There should not be any extra lines between paragraphs, and double space is recommended. Always align to the left. Avoid using justified formatting. Single character spacing should be used.

Another important rule is to add page numbers only to the pages where there is the actual story. So do not put any page numbers on the title page or any other pages where there is not the actual story content. New chapters should always begin in a new page, and the chapter title should be centered.

In the title page you need to include the title for the novel, your name and contact information. The total word count can also be included.

These guidelines are the main ones for you to create a manuscript format for your novels. Some additional guidelines may apply but the general rule of thumb is to abide with the ones described here.