How to write a book


For many people, writing a book is like a dream. Most of us tried to write a story, and create a book thereafter. But not everybody got to publish their book. Writing a book is not that difficult, and you too can get to be a writer. Here are some simple steps that can lead you through the process of writing a book.

The main rule is that anybody with a story or an idea to formulate a story, can write a book. So the starting point is always the idea for the story. It is a good idea to create an overview of the story, such as the outline, characters and notes about them, possible names and other important ideas that can help you form your story. Sometimes it is very helpful to create a backstory for certain characters. This can be used only for reference, or even in the story itself. The development of the plot is obviously very important, as certain events will need to be thought of so as to ultimately arrive to the climax of the story. After you have a good story outline you can develop your characters better.

Write often and whenever you write avoid having distractions. You need to concentrate, imagine and think ahead. If for any reason you start finding that your plot is not going anywhere, you may need to try something else. Ultimately your muse can lead you elsewhere. The story outline may change as you start writing, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

If you intend to write something that is in some way connected to reality, such as certain important events, you would need to dedicate some time to research. In such a way you will be able to make your story be more realistic.

You obviously need to format your book, especially if you intend to publish it.

It is important that once you are finished you re-read it and edit where necessary as some things may have gone unnoticed while you were writing it.

If you really want to write a book, go for it! Be persistent and tenacious. Bear in mind that many successful authors failed but since they did not give up, they made it eventually. The same can apply to you.