How to submit short stories and poetry for publication?


Many writers like to write short stories and poems. Having such works published has become a bit easier nowadays thanks to the internet. In order to submit short stories and poetry for publication, it is important to bear in mind the following points.

The best starting point is magazines, especially literary magazines. Many of these allow writers to publish their stories or poems for free. It is best to look for an appropriate magazine that corresponds to the type of writing and your style. So some research will be necessary to make a good choice. Ideally, create a list of magazines that seem to be right for you, as this will come in handy in case one rejects your work, you can simply try out submitting to the next one on the list. The next step is to look at these magazines’ submission guidelines, which are normally available on their respective websites.

If you are going to submit your poem or short story online, the process is generally easier and quicker. However nor all magazines may offer this opportunity. Some will have special submission tools which you will need to use properly. Some will only accept offline submissions. In that case you would need to compose a covering letter to accompany your manuscript. It is also recommended to include a self-addressed envelope for them to get back to you.

Your content should be written in a standard manuscript format as this is what most editors will expect. Some magazines will take several weeks or even months to get back to you. You might get a letter or a call, but rejections may also occur. So you need to be prepared for anything. The key is not to give up no matter what. Another magazine might accept your short story or poem, even if one did not approve of it. All you need to do in these cases is to persevere and believe in yourself regardless of how things turn out. A rejection does not mean your work is not good. It simply means it is not good for their magazine, but chances are it is great for another, or several others for that matter! Just keep writing and try different magazines and if you have collection of short stories and poetry than you can also probably think putting them together in one book. In time you are going to find the right one, and things will work out for the best. Good luck!