How to submit short stories and poetry for publication?


Many writers like to write short stories and poems. Having such works published has become a bit easier nowadays thanks to the internet. In order to submit short stories and poetry for publication, it is important to bear in mind the following points. The best starting point is magazines, especially literary magazines. Many of these allow writers to publish their stories or poems for free. It is best to look for an appropriate magazine that corresponds to the type of writing and your style. So some research will be necessary to make a good choice. Ideally, create a list of...

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Manuscript format for Novel


An editor or publishing house will be expecting your novel to be written in a manuscript format. There are a number of guidelines one needs to follow for a manuscript format for novels. One thing is for sure – you need to do away with any fancy colors or fonts, and there is no room for graphics. the agent or editor will want a clear format that is the general rule for any writer. Some publishers might stipulate certain formatting requirements on their websites. So before starting make sure to check this first so as to make sure there are...

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Why self publishing is better than traditional publishing?


Nowadays there are various ways for an author to get published. But this variety also causes a dilemma for authors who are not always quite sure which is the best option in their case. Broadly speaking self publishing is better than traditional publishing because strictly speaking the author is also his or her own publisher as well. Obviously in self publishing authors need to proofread and carefully examine their final text, as well as take care of the marketing and distribution of their book. And this is not always that easy. This is probably why a number of authors prefer...

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How to write a book


For many people, writing a book is like a dream. Most of us tried to write a story, and create a book thereafter. But not everybody got to publish their book. Writing a book is not that difficult, and you too can get to be a writer. Here are some simple steps that can lead you through the process of writing a book. The main rule is that anybody with a story or an idea to formulate a story, can write a book. So the starting point is always the idea for the story. It is a good idea to...

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How authors can market their books


After having written a book, most writers will be looking forward to publish it. Lately more and more authors are opting for self publishing and in this case it becomes increasingly important to promote the book well. This is just like having a product which you are launching in the market, and you need to make sure that prospective clients are made aware of it. Without proper marketing you will not be reaching out to your readers, and that is a pity because you wrote the book to have it read by as many people as possible. So let us...

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There is an author in everybody


Feeling the urge to write, or do you have an idea that could turn out to be a great story? Do you have a passion to write poems or short stories? This is something that everybody could do as long as they have the motivation to grab a pen and start writing it. There is an author in everybody. The only problem is that not everyone is able to express himself or herself effectively. A story may make sense in their heads, but then they find it difficult to compose it in a way that makes much sense to another...

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Copyright is important for authors


When writing a book, it is important that as the author you retain exclusive rights for it. As the creator of hat story you have the right to control how it is used, and also to be the only one who gets to earn from it. After all it is your work! That is why copyright is important for authors. Through the mechanism of the copyright, a writer can be rewarded for his or her efforts and work. Apart from that, copyright offers a writer the encouragement necessary for him/her to create other works in the future. Copyright thus offers...

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