Who We Are

Thought Stream Publications is a young full service publishing company located in Mumbai, India composed of a team of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals. Being a full service publishing company Thought Stream has intentionally created itself at the quality end of the self-publishing market, excellence of content, design, production, distribution and marketing.

Our mission is to offer a personalized service to each author, while emphasizing on quality content, design and of course, production and distribution. We also take care of marketing and promotional services.

Thought Stream Publications has a commitment towards offering an excellent service to authors. That is why we focus on quality, efficiency, honesty and trustworthiness. We believe that every author deserves to have full control of his or her work, and that is why we make sure that this becomes a positive experience for every author who decides to seek our assistance in his or her publishing needs. We are one of the few publishing companies in the world that offers copyrights on our all plans as we place a great deal of emphasis on the need for an author to have his or her work as safe as possible with regards to copyright. The Indian Authors Association is our official partner as they know how hard we work to guarantee this. Our aim is to ensure that an author gets his or her hard earned recognition, and we will see to that for you too.

Thought Stream Publications is the only company in India that offers self-publishing services in 4 different languages, namely English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati. We strive to bring the best books to the Asian markets, which is why we also offer our marketing plans to foreign writers too. Thus writers can reach out to many more readers with our help.

While doing our best to develop a culture where authors are supported and encouraged, we will keep working to assist as many writers as possible, including you! Leave everything in our hands and you won’t regret it! Simply do what you do best – WRITE, and the rest will be taken care of by our team!


Indian Authors Association is India’s first inclusive association dedicated to promoting authors, poets, scriptwriters and lyricists around the world. We are not-for-profit organization, established and operated by “The Proficient Learning and Authors Trust”.